Clean Republic FAQ

Clean Republic is a medical grade cleaning solution made using 3 ingredients - salt, water and electricity. Our products are free from harsh chemicals and toxic fumes. Using Clean Republic means no longer having to sacrifice the integrity of a truly safe and clean environment. We think you deserve both. Clean Republic's product line is made using the ingredient hypochlorous acid (or HOCl), which is the infection fighting compound found naturally in the human body and replicated by scientists by running an electrical charge through a combination of salt and water. It's nature in its purest form, backed by scientific evidence.

Earth Friendly Disinfection.
The key ingredient in Clean Republic is hypochlorous acid (HOCI). This is a non-toxic cleaning agent that is pH balanced and found in the human body. It is safe, natural and powerful. It has a very slight chlorine smell upon dispensing, but dissipates immediately. A great alternative to hazardous, strong fumes from other cleansers.
Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL) is produced by white blood cells and is an integral part of immune response (inside the body). HOCl kills dangerous microorganisms as a antimicrobial making it equally effective against bacteria, viruses and fungi (outside the body).
HOCl works to break down the cells that are creating an infection by destroying the cell membrane and its DNA, thus halting its replication or growth process. The human body produces HOCl to reverse markers of epidermal aging, protect against environmental aggressors and cleanse the skin. When utilized as an application outside the human body, PH-neutral HOCl solution works in much the same way.
Clean Republic’s Disinfectant / Sanitizer will kill COVID-19. On 3/26/2020, our product was added to the EPA’s Emerging Viral Pathogen program where manufacturers "show their products are effective against harder-to-kill viruses.” We are also approved to kill C. Diff, and all the pathogens that are causing the USA to lose approx. 100,000 patients a year in hospitals to HAI's (hospital acquired infections).
Clean Republic’s Disinfectant/Sanitizer is a category 4 chemical which is safe to use around humans and pets without any requirements. (Not Cloroz is highly toxix category 1 chemical that’s a eye and skin irritant.
Yes, EPA approved for hospital grade Disinfectant & Sanitizer
The great thing about Clean Republic is that it can be used on virtually any surface that needs to be cleaned and / or disinfected. Our products work great on any tables or countertops, floors, yoga or gym mats, desks, laptops, cell phones, windows or walls, all without the worry of being around harmful chemicals or fumes!
There are many attributes that separate our medical grade Disinfectant/Sanitizer from almost any other brand. Our active ingredient is HOCl (hypochlorous acid) which is the eco-friendly, non-toxic byproduct of saltwater put through an electrolysis process that is actually more effective at killing germs and pathogens than even the “strongest products out there” like bleach or barbicide. Our Disinfectant / Sanitizer cleans 99.9% of bacteria and viruses including the nasty stuff like Staph, Strep, MRSA, Listeria, Herpes, HIV, H1N1 and the Common cold. Due to Clean Republic’s non-toxic properties, you can feel safe to use our product around people, children, and animals without having to worry about chemical fumes or chemical residue that can be very harmful when inhaled, ingested, or touched.
Absolutely not. Clean Republic Products are actually very different than bleach. Our main ingredient, hypochlorous acid, belongs to a different oxychlorine species that is not alike to sodium hypochlorite (also known as bleach). Clean Republic product’s pH are in a neutral range that almost matches the pH of the dermal layer of humans. Bleach solution, otherwise known as “Dakins Solution”, is of a very high pH, are not shelf stable, and have to be used quickly to be an effective disinfectant.
With the purchase of Clean Republic Cleaner and Clean Republic Disinfectant you can forget about using any other household cleaner or disinfectant you have used in the past ever again! When using both of our products together, you can safely cleanse and disinfect any high-contact surface without having to worry about chemical build up or residue. This effectively replaces popular brands like 409, Lysol, Pledge, Windex and anything of the sort. For disinfecting purposes, our product can replace, and do a better job at eliminating germs and pathogens than products like bleach, barbicide, cavicide, or quats. Clean Republic also effectively works as a powerful deodorizer, so you are covered on keeping things smelling fresh and clean as well!
Clean Republic Disinfectant/Sanitizer is medical grade and has a shelf life of 30 days as this is what hospitals require. After the 30 days the disinfectant becomes a sanitizer. Unlike other competitive cleaners, disinfectants and sanitizers, Clean Republic products use zero carcinogenic preservatives. Sanitizing is meant to reduce, not kill, the occurrence and growth of bacteria, viruses and fungi. Disinfecting a surface will “kill” the microscopic organisms. So after 30 days the disinfectant becomes slightly less effective but remains very strong. Keep Clean Republic products out of direct sunlight and do not freeze.
Yes! Unlike the toxic threat posed by any other cleaner or disinfectant (often times loaded with carcinogens), you can feel completely safe to effectively use Clean Republic products around children and pets. It is also important to note that you can feel comfortable using Clean Republic products around food and food prep surfaces!
A gallon has 128oz and you will get 16 full 8oz tanks out of each gallon. Each 8oz tank covers 4,000 square feet when operated correctly.
Reorders should be placed through our network of authorized distributors. You should contact In Office Sterilization to reorder product, or go directly to their website,